Specialist Security, Consultancy and Training

Security Risk Management Consultancy and Training Services

PGS provide complex, comprehensive training and consultancy services for military, indigenous and civilian personnel in complex environments around the world

Building capacity to prepare, prevent and protect

PGS provide comprehensive consultancy services to assess the threats and risk to your people, environment, assets, infrastructure, operations and reputation across a wide spectrum of different sectors, offering expert analysis of the opportunities and risks associated within differing complex operations and environments.  Our highly experienced security experts have a thorough knowledge of International conventions as well as extensive and up-to-date knowledge of international terrorism threats enabling them to conduct thorough audits and reviews of your existing security systems and plans.

Training is intrinsic to prepare, prevent and protect your interests in order to mitigate risk, reduce liability and minimise loss (both financial and physical).  With extensive operational experience establishing and conducting complex and comprehensive training for military, indigenous and civilian personnel in complex environments around the world, PGS provide a full range of bespoke security training services for government, industry and private clients.

This training ranges from operator level training of security staff in all aspects of security from counter-terrorism to hostile environment training to management level training, including security and operations planning and crisis response and incident management.  PGS also has the expertise and operational experience to build capacity for effective security by providing ‘Train The Trainer’ training for the development of our clients own organic security training capability.  Combined with our operational mentoring, this training ensures continuity, operational development and the basis of a truly sustainable security capability for our clients.

These services include, but are not exclusive to;

  • Conventional and Specialist Training to Military, Police and Intelligence Agencies (National Capacity Building)
  • Commercial Security Training
  • Hostile Environment and Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Commercial Crime Prevention and Counter-Terrorism Training
  • Corporate Crisis Management and Response (including leadership, crisis response and incident management)             
  • Security Policy and Plans Risk Assessments and Reviews
  • Driving Courses  (basic and advanced, evasive, defensive)
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Medical Training
  • Commercial, Military and Police Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Land and Maritime)